Special days. Carnivals 2012-13

How much fun with our Carnival on Friday... 
We enjoyed getting dressed into different cultures....Here are a few indians.

Kiddos had their workshops. 

1st grade dressed up as Chinese. They leart so many things.....

                           Did you know? 

The Olympic game in 2008 in China was on the 08/08/08 at 08:08:08pm because the Chinese´s lucky number is 8 “Bâ”

And their Unlucky number is 4 “Suh” This is why many buildings do not have floor 4

As we were born in 2006 we are “Dogs”. Well, that is what Chinese astrology says.Dogs are loyal and sincere so we are fair and team workers.


Dragons are very special in China. Their body is a mixture of other animals’ bodies

We also wrote our name in Chinese.Have a try!!! 

After having a great time, singing and dancing around the neighbourhood of Peñas Albas, we came back to the school and burnt the sardine... Then we all danced for a while until the bell rang to go back home.